Policy Database

Boosting College Completion has produced a comprehensive 50-state database of legislative enactments related to degree attainment and workforce development.

The database contains policy records from the last five years: 2006-2010. The database will grow as we collect and analyze policies enacted during the 2011 legislative session and beyond.


View the Boosting College Completion Database Here

While Socrata, our database vendor, provides a tutorial on the database features, here’s a quick rundown of three features you will use most:

  • Filters allow you to cut up the data for personal use. Currently, the database filters by state, year and policy category.
  • Exports allow you to download the data sets we have produced or the filters you have created. Exports are downloadable through Excel or PDF.
  • Embeds allow you to publish policy records on your Web site. The sky’s the limit! The embeds are not just links to the database. The Social Data Player (example below) embeds on your Web site to create a clean and sleek data view.

We will use datasets in several ways on the Web site: in blogs, project updates and policy briefs.

To begin your search of the State Completion and Workforce Policy Database, follow the link below. Please contact if you have any questions on how to use the database or how to set up an account.

The Boosting College Completion Data Player

It has never been easier to embed views of our policy database on your website. By visiting Boosting College Completion’s Socrata website and signing up, you can create your own customized datasets, post them to your own website and share them with friends and constituents.

Below are examples of the State Policy Data Player that you can post to your website:

Powered by Socrata

Powered by Socrata

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