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On January 25, I presented a webinar on how legislatures might leverage funding to reform postsecondary education and propel economic growth. This page contains the webinar materials and other resources that supplement the presentation.

Webinar Presentation
Postsecondary Finance Webinar Presentation

Postsecondary Finance Webinar Recording


Policy Blog Series: The State of Financial Aid

Short and Sweet Legislation to Increase College Completion

Surveying the 2011 Policy Landscape: Postsecondary Funding


Boosting College Completion Database

2011 Policies Related to Postsecondary Funding

Financial Aid–2010 and 2011 Enactments

All 2011 Policies


Measuring Return on Investment in Higher Education (Webinar PowerPoint)
(Bruce Vandal, ECS and Patrick Kelly, NCHEMS, May 2011)


Web Resources

Hard Times, College Majors, Unemployment and Earnings: Not All College Degrees Are Created Equal

(Center on Education and the Workforce, 2012)

Help Wanted: Projecting Jobs and Education Requirements Through 2018

(Center for Education and the Workforce, 2010)

Aligning Community Colleges to Their Local Labor Markets

(Jobs for the Future, 2011)

Beyond Basic Skills: State Strategies to Connect Low-Skilled Students to an Employer-Valued Postsecondary Education

(Center for Law and Social Policy, 2011)

Performance-based Funding: A Re-Emerging Strategy in Public Higher Education Financing

(American Association of Colleges and Universities, 2011)

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